Building a brand that you can be proud of

The future is bright

As we emerge from lock-down into an uncertain future and the looming shadow of recession, we can be forgiven for wondering about how our customers and prospects perceive us. Will we still connect with them as we did before the world changed around us? How will we compare to our competition in the new abnormal?

Mary Cook, The Branding Coach, before she passed away, had a vision to help owner/managed businesses build a brand to:

  • Engage consumers’ subconscious and create an emotional connection
  • Build awareness and develop trust and loyalty
  • Reach and appeal to their specific target market
  • Creatively establish an identity that sets them apart, and
  • Clearly differentiate them from their competition

When she became a client of hgkc, she was really excited about the Brand Clarity Scorecard she was developing to help business owners to evaluate their brand. Her vision was to provide them the insights into what good looks like and then a service to help them understand and then implement the improvements needed.

Sadly, Mary never lived to see her vision fulfilled, but hgkc are proud to announce that we have licenced The Brand Clarity Scorecard, and have combined our expertise and experience with All Things Web and ker-Z Creative to offer not only a unique insight into the strength of your brand, but the opportunity to make your brand one that you, your people and your customers can be proud of.

Your vision – your brand

What is clear from the past few months is that owning your own business is not for the faint-hearted – it takes a certain type of person. You need courage, the ability to flex and adapt, a tenacious spirit and most importantly of all a positive belief in what you are doing.

Most business owners understand what that feels like.

At times it is not easy, but what drives you, is a vision of what you want to achieve. That vision has been created from a unique story. One that has shaped how you have got to where you are today, and one that drives you forward to where you want to go. Your Why?

It will be different for each one of us, the driving force behind every business decision we make. It is what defines our business values and shapes our relationships with each other, our employees, suppliers, and customers.

Over many years working closely with business owners, we understand that many find it difficult to translate their story into something tangible that could have a positive impact on their business success – essentially how to create a strong brand for their business.

Today, as we emerge from a period of significantly reduced, or zero, income with the threat of recession looming, there is another more pressing dilemma.

Should we invest to secure our business survival? The temptation will be to hunker down, hold on to cash and try to weather the storm. It may be the safe option, but does it hold true to that entrepreneurial spirit that made us set up in business?

There is evidence from previous downturns that those businesses that continued to invest fared significantly better than those that did not.

Yes, it can be a daunting prospect. What is required is a leap of faith in our ability and vision.

And so, we come full circle. How do you galvanise everyone together around a common purpose? How do you build a strong brand that:

  • is more than just a logo and a colour palette
  • has life beyond each of us,
  • current and future employees can be proud of and will want to work for,
  • will consistently attract the right type of prospects,
  • customers will advocate time and time again

The Brand Clarity Scorecard will help you find the answers

When correctly executed branding actively shapes your business. With creativity, skill and strategy, a brand can establish an identity that sets your business apart from the competition and spark a connection with your audience.

Branding is what gives you a reputation and, ultimately, a future. It is vitally important; businesses and organisations should build a strong brand foundation so they can consistently maintain it as they grow.

Branding is designed to help your company stand out from your competitors. Branding your business correctly means sharing your brand values with your customers and creating trusting relationships with them.

The Brand Clarity Scorecard focuses on five key areas, the five pillars that your brand is built upon and are vital to your business:

  • Connection – your brand must create an emotional connection with customers and employees
  • Consistency – if your unique selling propositions (USPs) are consistently communicated through your brand, you will build trust and be able to demonstrate your expertise with your audience
  • Customer – it is vital to have defined your ideal customer, so you know clearly who you are targeting, and how to reach them in a way that is going to resonate with them
  • Creativity – a powerful brand will help you stand out against the crowd, connect with your audience, engage and communicate your values
  • Competition – your brand must set you apart, clearly communicating your USPs, and differentiating you from your competitors.

Click here to find out why these five pillars are important: Why is branding important

After analysis of a completed scorecard, we will provide a tailored proposal to help a business to improve their brand.

This will involve research into your competition and your customers; then we will devise and a series of workshops to review your scorecard results and the research, define your brand values, develop your brand map, and write your undeniable brand story.

Get in touch today

Your brand is far more than just a name, a logo or a tagline; it’s the stories people tell about you.

If you want to go beyond your tagline; to bring to life the promise, the purpose and the values of your organisation; if you are business owner who cares about the stories being told about your brand, and who wants to build a brand you and your people can be proud of – complete our Brand Clarity Scorecard today.

hgkc was born from the realisation that together our combined practical experience and knowledge can offer our clients a broader, deeper and richer experience that will deliver better results faster.