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Crisis management in challenging times - getting started

As the entire world reels from the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses across the globe are contending with challenges that have appeared almost overnight and endanger their very existence. Crisis management is now more important than ever and not just in the immediate shockwave of the pandemic and worldwide lockdowns; the long term economic impacts of coronavirus will be felt for years and these aftershocks will inevitably see more businesses go under than in these initial weeks and months.

Difficult times - financial support for small business owners during Covid-19 lock-down

Coronavirus Summary – 23rd March 2019

The daily briefing by the Government brings new challenges with varying impact for each of us in society. We are all affected by the changing circumstances and as businesses we are already experiencing the effects of the pandemic. Our priorities are staying in business, keeping our clients served and our people employed, and safely weathering the crisis.

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